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Shipping takes up to 10-14 days for orders within Australia and up to 3-4 weeks for international orders.

Is there an import tax for artworks shipped internationally? Who pays for that?

All products sent overseas may incur duties, taxes, and other charges. Import duties and taxes vary based on country's policies and the cost of the artwork. The buyer is responsible for the international custom/import fee and taxes. We only recommend buyers to have a quick look at their country's customs website and consider the additional costs that might be involved.

Return policy

For damaged artworks, please email us with a photo of the damage and we will fully refund you.

In an unlikely event of receiving a wrong order, please email us with a photo of the artwork and we will replace it with the original order at no cost.

We will not provide refund or replacement if you receive the artwork and do not like your order.

How can I check the shipping status of my artwork once it's ordered?

Once the artwork is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number and the relevant courier website.

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